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Trident Seafoods issued a challenge to chefs across the U.S. and Canada: create exciting foodservice recipes using Trident’s delicious Wild Alaska Pollock as the centerpiece. The grand prize? The fishing trip of a lifetime aboard Trident’s luxury fishing vessel The Annandale on the wild waters of Alaska.

Judge Ethan

The Judge

Noted Pacific Northwest celebrity chef Ethan Stowell served as judge for the recipe finalists, basing his decision on the dish’s originality, taste/texture, visual appearance and overall marketability. In addition to the grand-prize winner, three recipe creators received generous runner-up cash prizes. You can check out their delectable prize-winning dishes by clicking on the recipe titles below.

kale-orange pesto crusted pollock
Grand Prize Winner Tae Tran

One Grand Recipe

Our grand-prize winner, Tae Tran, of Mirabella Seattle, created an amazing Kale-Orange Pesto Crusted Pollock dish you’ll definitely want to try. Tae’s reward for an outstanding recipe creation was a thrilling three day adventure aboard the Annandale in Alaska fishing for salmon, pollock, halibut, and many more species of wild Alaskan fish!

Smoked and roasted wild pollock

1st Runner-Up

By Greg J. Grisanti, CRC, CFSP
Frisch’s Big Boy; Cincinnati, OH

Alaskan Pollock Quinoa Cakes

2nd Runner-Up

By Paul Karlson
Skidmore College; Saratoga Springs, NY

Pollock Peolle

3rd Runner-Up

By Matt Mottor
John Harvard’s Brew House; Hancock, MA

Create your own winning recipe creations…

with snowy white Wild Alaska Pollock from Trident Seafoods. Renowned for its firm texture and mild taste, our pollock is also appreciated for its remarkable menu versatility – not to mention its value. It flakes beautifully on the plate and is an exceptional flavor carrier. Just add a bit of inspiration, your creative flair, and a few choice back-of-house ingredients, and you’ll have the makings of an award-winning performer for your menu. Click here to check out our outstanding lineup of Wild Alaska Pollock products and to order the items that best meet the needs of your menu.


From the Source to the Plate

Since 1973, Trident Seafoods has been a vigilant protector of the Alaskan source waters. We’re a family that fishes together, using harvesting methods that are responsible and sustainable – and we’ve been doing it that way since long before those terms became fashionable. We have the utmost respect for the waters we fish, and our high standards are maintained from the time the fish is on the line to the time it’s on the plate. “At Trident, we don’t just process the fish – we catch the fish.”

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all those who responded to our Chef’s Challenge with wonderful and creative Wild Alaska Pollock recipes.